Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bharathi Kanda Pudumaip Penn ( The New age Woman as visualised by Bharathiar)

This is Bharathi kanda Pudumaip Penn:

"Nimirntha nannenjum naer konda paarvaiyum
Nilathinil yaarukkum anjaatha nerigalum
Thimirntha gnanach cherukkum iruppadhaal
Semmai maadhargal thirambuvathillaiyaam"

"With upright heart and steadfast look and ideals that are not afraid of anyone in the world- the woman does not falter as she has the possession of wisdom."

I feel, my dear Bharathi... You also should have defined the Man who would be the perfect match to these women.. In my words, the ideal man would be

"Annimirndha nannenjai anbaal aravanaithu
Nerkinda paarvayil than uruvathai nilaippaduthi
Aval thimirndha gnaanach cherukkil thilaithu maginzhndhu
Ach chemmai magalai manaiviyaagak kondaadi
Yendrendrum inbamaai.. Vaazhkkaye Inidhaai....

The man - who, embraces her upright heart with his love; In her steadfast look have himself seen; In her wisdom he drowns happily; Celebrating  this great woman as his wife.. Happily living everafter forever...

Idhu.. Naan kanda pudumai Aanmagan .. ( This is the New Man that I dream of)


  1. A good definition. There are a lot of male poets describing the ideal woman, how woman should be, who is a good woman etc. etc. As a woman, I did follow the path showed by all these great people. Got sold in the marriage market because of being a good woman. But after 10 years of marriage, I am really tired of being treated as if my husband did a big favour by marrying me and decided to pursue women who are exact opposite of all these above definitions. Just because a woman does not falter, that does not mean she CANNOT get sex, it means she values and respects herself more. Somehow people nowadays believe the more men a woman sleeps with, the better experienced she is and she has a great sexual desire. Women also brag a lot about the number of partners they had and are proud of making themselves as a sex symbol. What they don't realize is that they are not 'empowered' by this, but rather they are making themselves as a 'commodity'. Somebody should teach men also, about the virtues and how HE SHOULD LIVE to get a great wife as described by all the poets. I hope there will be some female Barathis will be born soon to really write about the virtues which men should possess. Our society really needs it.

    1. True, Bharathi tried to change the women , the root cause instead men.
      Among the poets who define" vetkamum gnanamum pennuku perumai" , he was the only one who said intellectual thoughts and strong will are the identification for a woman. When every women change, men have no other go..

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  3. நல்ல கவிதை ! தன் நெறிகளை தானே வகுத்திடும் பெண்ணை கனவு கண்ட பாரதி ஏனோ பிறர் அவளுக்கு கட்டுப்பாடுகள் விதிக்காமல் இருக்கும் நிலை வேண்டுமென நினைத்திடவில்லை.... அவன் அன்றே அறிவான்போலும் அந்நிலை என்றுமே மாறாதென !

    1. mundasu kavinjanin sindhanaikal mattum alla ganippum mika chariyanavayeee. sudhandhiramai vasikum or adimai thaan pen endrume...

  4. சீறிய சிந்தனை!!! வாழ்த்துக்கள்.. தோழி..

  5. Most 'puthumai penn' are expected to conform to the norms or eventually conform to it in order to survive in their everyday life. Those who choose not to conform, most of the time live on their own. I agree unless there are people who are able to accept puthumai penn as who they are it would be very hard for them.

  6. It is ....nimirntha nannadai.. , if I am not wrong. That is the first thing probably Bharathiyaar wanted to change. Girls should stop looking down while walking. should walk with head held high.

  7. Kindly help me to translate the meaning of " avala meithik kalaiyindri vaazhvathai
    umizhnthu thalluthal pennara maagumaam?" and the meaning of line before. Penn,Malaysia